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springSpring Wedding

Spring weddings are just wonderful.  The smell of Summer around the corner, The wonderful lighting in your photos, the crisp air bringing crystal clear blue skies. We just LOVE this time of your.  April is just perfect and the costing of a wedding during this time can save you bundles!  And REMEMBER: The time of gypsophila is over, more blousy blooms and larger hand ties and creeping into your wedding photos.

Over Sized Bows, trailing ribbons:

Big bows are back! Clean lines and classic flowing lines. 3D fabrics with fabric flowers and stunning embellished laces.  Subtle blush colours, silver greys and muted olives are still big this season.

Peonies bring a blousy whimzical feel to your bouquet, they smell divine and look amazing! Quite expensive and can vary in colour and size – so be aware of their informality. We love them here at Longlevens Flowers!

wedding1.  Whimsical informal and blush colours.  Detail is so important – think about how it smells – fill with a variety of flowers ‘gathered together’  with hessian and sewn buttons.  Try lace with the colour detail in ribbon over the top.  Foliage helps to break up the colour, olive is wonderful for this.



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2.  Mocha roses and peony, simple structures larger than you imagine picking up the pale pinks, mocha coffee, cream and whites.  With your bridesmaids bouquet with choose just mochas and coffee or just whites.  Think frosted colours for foliage Senecio cineraria      known as ‘Dusty Miller’ is delightful. Accented in buttonholes and table centres. Sweet Dolomiti is a good alternative if you want to go more pink.





Magical creamy mocha


3.  Informal Lilac and grey bouquet, with succulents and the giddy smell of lilac and eucalyptus. Structures are diminishing and the gathered flower look remains a firm friend to all brides for 2017. Adding herbs such as rosemary bring more heady smells, they in turn these herbs bring instant reminders of your wedding day when brushing past a rosemary bush.




Lilac and purple are loved by so many

4.  Grey and Green Bouquet. Grey is the new white.  A fantastic colour that just about goes with everything! Paired with a bold bright accentspring colour like acid yellow or muted with an olive-sage, grey can be turned into bling bling with metallic silvers and diamontes or softened to create a classic country wedding with pastels and lace. This beautiful informal bouquet shows lights and shape to create interest – they are getting bigger.





Don’t be afraid of green

Check out the colours that we have seen creeping in for 2017

spring5.  Simple One Chosen Flower Bouquet. Simple bouquet using just one flower variety can be truly spectacular and here is a fine example of this.  Lily of the Valley the queen of the bells has everything going for it.  Colour, form, style and smell. A cluster of intoxicating Lily of the Valley will be remembered for years to come.  Remember the bouquet and the dress should be getting married too.  Run the theme flower throughout the wedding and it will look amazing!




Intoxication – heady – Spring


6. Spring Yellow BouquetPrimroses, daffodils, nassisi, solidago, mimosa, chrysanthemums, carnations. Yellow bold and vibrant! Teamed with silver grey or slate grey is truly striking! Using both expensive and inexpensive flowers can create the wow factor and save on your budget.  Touches of mimosa and its Spring time smell will make your bouquet shine.




Yellow the colour of Spring.  BE brave and be bright




7. Ribbon and more ribbon.  Picking the ribbons that compliment or match your bouquet colours will look stunning.  If you want to go bold, GO BOLD.  Don’t be afraid of colour if you love it!  A pure white dress with a big bouquet of Spring colours will make a fantastic statement. Minimal foliage as its all about the flowers.  But remember this is not a cheap option.  But doesn’t it look striking?



b8. Broach Bouquet.  A ‘Steam Punk’ twist to create so serious interest. Bling with understated elegance, we love the broach bouquet.  You can keep it for ever, add things to it your family and friends want you to have, when you walk down the aisle, but ladies…. this one we recommend you don’t throw! A great idea if heading abroad to be married.  You can pack it away in your suitcase and save loads on having the venue create your flowers!

Here at Longlevens Flowers we can design

and make Broach Bouquets on request along with

creating half broach and half flowers (including silk)

#Tip why not just have the buttonholes like this?

spring-yellow9.  Spring Wild-Flower Bouquet.  This delightful ‘Boho’ style bouquet brings the floral delights of a Spring meadow, firmly in the grasp of your hand.  As if you have run through the fields and woods gathering wild flowers.  Corn flowers, camomile, herbs, grasses, daffodils, campanula, snowflakes, thelesbee.  Add lisianthus and  deep blue delphiniums, ‘billy-balls’  Craspedia.

Not a Rose in sight!

10. Rose Bouquet. Coral and blush colours are what you folks are wanting! So go all out and have the stunning spring-coralRose bouquet! David Austin roses are the best for smell, colour and shapes.  With its blousy petals and sweet smells the David Austin rose is what brides want for 2017.  Expensive but worth every penny, this bouquet can cost, but what you can do is dot them throughout to save a little.



Sometimes less is more?

Thanks Pinterest for extra images.  If you want more fantastic ideas for your wedding we have collated over 1000 images and ideas on our Pinterest Page.  Theme ideas, formal and informal, alternative, creative and traditional.