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blue and silver wedding

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This season’s trends feature metallics!  A splash of gold, a hint of silver, a sprinkle of copper or a shimmer of rose gold.  ALL this years run-away trend.

Is a metallic wedding in the air?  We think 2016 and 2017 couples will be going gaga for these fantastic shiny splashes.  So to inspire you, we have rounded up some of our very favourite metallic ideas with golds, shades of silver, coppers and rose gold. Prepare to be inspired…

Modern classic meets metallic!

But how to do you create this look in a decidedly fresh way?

Deep red. With crystals and gold beads

Deep red. With crystals and gold beads

You can bring gold twine to your button holes, copper wire on your bouquet. A bridesmaids pleated slip dress, washed in liquid rose gold, then neutralized with pale salmon blush pinks. Silver candelabra centrepieces with dangling crystals. A necklace of silver and pearls, flowers dipped in gold, sprayed with a shimmer of silver or gold dusted leaves, sprinkles of metallic confetti, shimmering chair sashes.  Don’t be afraid to go for gold in your hair or added into your flowers. A touch or silky metallic materials makes you and your venue chic and sumptuous.  Dressed both up or down.

Metallic Wedding Adventure

Add silver broaches to your bouquets, on the sashes of your chairs or sprinkling silver stars across the tables.  Let us all embrace the metallic trend!  The right light touch of subtle metallics and a few sparkly flashes can transform invitations, place settings, and even your flowers from understated tiny details to sublime extravagant showpieces.

Modern metallic meets classic.

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How to create the look?

Metallic looks wonderful with pale skin colours and whites.  Marry metallic up with fawn, grey, blushtaupe, teal, deep blue, olive green or white.  Use eucalyptus with whites, add olives and pale greys. Look at pale skin colour roses.  A hint of metallic can be just as effective as full colour and no matter your style or preferred look. Just talk to your dress designer, florist or event dresser.  Whatever your overall look for the wedding is going to be here at Longlevens Flowers we are sure the creative challenge will be something that fits your wedding brief.

Colour Palette Ideas but you can create your own….

Or are you a little braver? 

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Tie metallic rose gold with pink.  Try deep blue with silver. Or a luscious pale salmon and deep blue with a splash of gold.  Place dusk grey with copper.  Pinterest is a fantastic way in which to get ideas for this glitzy trend.


leaf-collageOr are you the bravest of all?

Molten yellow gold is a most striking look for a cake and table centres.  Made with high layers for impact and shine, add fairy lights and floral leaves which are so en vogue right now. Whether it’s a full gold cake, a striking gold and floral table centre or just the addition of detailing such as ribbon chair backs, metallic confetti or gold leaf.  All guaranteed to wow your guests and they won’t have ever seen this before…

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So how do we create this look with flowers?

Mocha roses, eucalyptus, gypsophila, ice white roses, pale blue hydrangea, pale pink peonies, pastel peach roses, ice pink stock. Copper wire, gold threads, silver beads. Silver shimmer spray on the roses. Metallic ribbons. Rose gold broaches mixed in with the flowers all accenting the colours in the bouquets.


Inspirational ideas.

Creating a mood board for your wedding will help both you and your florist, event planner, venue and friends.

Bring a touch of sparkle with a royal blue and silver wedding. Accent your white wedding with drops of blue and silver. Create a pallette of ideas

Bring a touch of sparkle with a royal blue and silver wedding. Accent your white wedding with drops of blue and silver. Create a palette of ideas




Gold and red. shimmer and shine. Opulent reds, diamantes and gold leaf. A fairy tale feel perfect for a winter wedding.Why not get a large piece of paper and create a collage with all your favorite designs, images and colours.  Play around with the idea.